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P L A Y B A L L !
We've set a new record! There were more spectators at our last match of the season than ever before.
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Welcome to the game!

You'll be bowled over!

Cricket is growing in popularity around the world so we are all the more happy that our club has had an excellent reputation in the sports world for years. Of course, wed like to win over more people to this awesome sport: as players and as spectators. Were looking for people who can get just as enthusiastic as we do about runs, innings, pitches, wickets, bowlers and batsmen.

Just drop by one of our next matches. It'll be worth it!

Our ground? Simply the best.

It`s taken a long time, but weve made it. Since the beginning of the 21st century weve had our own cricket ground in one of the nicest parts of the community. Teams from all over the world have praised our fantastic field. Its a great place to watch the elevens battling it out.